1. Can I load all networks with just one sim?
Answer: YES! You can load all networks by writing a text command to our gateway numbers.

2. How can I load all networks?
Answer: Just text 'Product Code<space>11 digit number and send to your gateway number.
Note: Just use the gateway number of your own network. Eg. Globe gateway for Globe subscribers, etc.

3. What are the product codes?
Answer: It is in the pictures above.

4. How much do we earn from this loading business?
Answer: You may earn from 7% to 13% from our loading system.

5. What else do I get from this system?
Answer: You will have your own accounting/database from your loading business readily downloadable at your convenience for easy verification.

6. Is there chances of error/delay in loading like others?
Answer: Our system is connecting to TelCos for loading service and we use gateway number to send commands to our system.
Common problems encountered by users would be network connection timeouts (TelCos),                                                                                                      and regular/major system maintenance will also affect performance.

7. How can I check my balance?
Answer: You can check your balance by texting BAL and send it to your gateway.

8. How can I check to see if the transaction was successful?
Answer: You can text 'QUERY' and send to our gateway.

9. Can I check all my transactions?
Answer: Yes. You can check all your transactions.
Simply login to your account online and select reports.

UPS Unified Products and Services offer other services aside from unified loading.
Other TELCOS from other countries is coming very soon too!!!!!!!